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We perform electronic assembly and test for customers on an as needed basis.  This work is done by hand, and covers both through hole and SMT technology.  Frequently, we are called upon to build and test a product, and ship it with zero defects.  These services are a step above common contract manufacturing, as there is engineering oversight on every stage.  Also, a client may ask for the manufacturing to be performed because they may lack either the means to perform professional assembly at their facility, or their annual quantities may be too low to interest a contract manufacturer.

When this high level of compliance is not necessary, we partner with a number of outside CM firms that can handle the job. We can be called on to manage the test fixturing and documentation, or we can see the project through the process from start to finish.

Pioneer Microsystems personnel are certified to IPC-A-610D and IPC J-STD-001.

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